Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Headed Back Out Of The Country!

Good Day Family/Friends/Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

Well we are headed back over seas, and this time we are headed back to Guatemala. I can’t explain how excited I am to go back over there. I haven’t been back to Guatemala in over 4 years, as you know I’ve really been pouring into South Africa for the last few years. It has been such a blessing to be able to do so many things that God has called me to, I cant explain the Joy that over flows through me.

With all that being said, first off all thank you so much for your time; I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to take this time to tell you about the amazing opportunity we have once again. I hope that you can take just a few minutes of your day and read about this life changing experience that is at hand.

If you don’t already know from 2007-2012 I was involved in working in a ministry called Generation Ministries, from 2009-2012 I was a pastor at that ministry. Aside from Pastoring there I was also one of the teachers in the internship that we led called "Generation School of Ministry". As you can tell from the past tense from this previous statement, I am no longer a pastor at Generation and I am now apart of a church plant along side my brother Pastor Kort Marley. We have been pushing, praying and leaning on Christ as a core team to build this church for around the last 7 months, and our official launch is 3.3.13. We are overjoyed with what God is going to do in this church plant.

Now what leads me back to Guatemala other than the missionary calling on my life is I am now apart of a non profit organization called “The Forgotten People”, were our purpose and goal is simple to spread the Love of Christ to people that feel forgotten. This non-profit was started by one of the guys I had the privilege of interning for the last 3 years. This organization has been around for approximately 8 months, and already has planted 2 churches and placed 2 families of widows and children in brand new homes. Wow right!
Many of you know that I am also a Christian Rap Artist in a group called ‘SECOND” along side Wretch. Music is a huge part we play with the forgotten people, as we are Forgotten People Advocate Artist. You may be asking what that means, I will definitely explain that at another time, but know we are so excited and humbled at what God is doing through our music. We never imagined it would turn out like this. But Gods plans are always different then ours, right.(

It has been my experience and understanding that many people have pity for those in third world nations, but not many have compassion, which moves us into action. I want to be one who is moved with compassion to go and make a positive impact on the lives of all the hurting and dying people around the world. Like many of you know I went with a team to Guatemala a few times, I’ve also been to South Africa the last 2 years as well. Now we are going back to Guatemala March 21st-23rd, this year is way cheaper than last year’s trip to Africa seeing that it’s shorter time and not as far. It’s only going to be $1,400. I write you today to extend an opportunity to you as well. I would like to ask you to partner with me and help sponsor me for this trip. I will be working my hardest to save up my own funds for these trips; however it will be rather difficult for me to save the entire amount. I also feel that by you partnering with me that God will extend to you his blessings for sowing a seed into helping touch the lives of his people around the nations. (Matt. 28:18) If we were all to save our own money for these trips it may take us longer, and we would accomplish it... however there would be no avenue for other people to get involved in touching the lives. I firmly believe that a lot of people want to help but jumping on a plane and going there themselves is totally out of the question, because of time and other understanding reasons. So I would say to them although I will be the one physically there extending my hands to the people, you will be a partner that made it possible for me to be there. In James 4:2 it says,"You have not because you ask not..." so I do believe by making this need known that God will Provide through his people.

Please know that any amount will help. Please prayerfully consider helping me out, if you don’t feel led to give anything financially please also know that an even greater need is that of prayer, prayer definitely works and its not just something that I wanted to put in the letter. Your prayers worked so well last year as God did amazing things through our trip, in us and in the people over there. It is very important to me that my loved ones back home will be praying for me, as well as the people I will be ministering to. I am in need of financial and prayer partners. If you feel led to join me in either way please respond and let me know.

Below is my mailing address and phone number, if you want to talk with me. Also, below is our website if you would like to read up on SECOND, hear our music or see any of my video blogs from last years Africa trip.

This will be a continuous thing that I will be doing. I want to Thank You so much for your time and help. I pray that you are blessed in all that you do, and that you prosper in all areas of your life. I also thank you in advance for your love and support.

Please respond back and know that you mean a lot to me.
I Love you so much and God Bless.
Also, many of you know that I am really into video editing/Filming with a team called "Frontline Media" so please know that everywhere we go I will come back and send out an Edited video of the places.

Albert Archie II

Saturday, March 24, 2012

SECOND's own Archie speaks about his time spent in South Africa

Hello everyone,

This is Archie. I wanted to write this to provide y'all with an inside view on what's been taking place during my trip to South Africa. First of all, God is good! Its so amazing when you think things can't get any better, and they do! Secondly, thanks for all the support that you guys have given me! Im will try my best not to turn this into a blog. If you would like to read my South Africa blog, you can go here: letthesedryboeslive.blogspot.​com.

I only want this to be a report and a testimony of God's grace in South Africa! Since the day of my arrival on March 9th up until March 20th, our days have been packed and full with ministry oppurtunites. Since there is nothing that prohibits the gospel from being preached in schools, the doors are wide open for us to be able to go into the schools and see the gospel go forth. For the last week and a half, I've had the oppurtinity to perform in three to four schools a day! The people over here are so hungry for gospel-centered Hip-Hop.

Through the visits and performances, our team has had the opportunity to speak with people about Christ and lead many, many students to Christ. I've also had the chance to speak to a lot of Rastafarians (I guess my dreads make it easier for them to accept me lol). Those were really good conversations and I really believe seeds were planted!

That's not all. Everyday, we went to what is probably my favorite place in South Africa, It’s a township called “Avion Park”, which is basically a very rough, ghetto over here! The homes are no bigger than 2 bedrooms, and most of them are made of tin or brick. Drug abuse, phyiscial abuse, and good fathers are very rare there. Kids roaming the streets from ages 3-18 is the norm, day and night.

We go there every night and hang out with approximately 150 kids. We sing songs with them, share bible stories, and feed them! That place has literally become a part of my heart. I have fallen in love with the people there and I know there is hope for them, particularly for the next generation of young people coming up!

Quick story: We pulled up the other day and two little boys around the ages of 6 or 7 were out in the middle of the street fist fighting in their underwear with other kids around them chanting and laughing, that's just norm and only scratches the surface of what these kids are taught! In spite of this, there are young people who live in this community that are in love with Jesus and I have been so humbled to do life with them, get to know them, pour into them, and have them pour into me! I know the Lord has called me to a long term relationship with this place and these people. I am so excited for what the future holds. I was here last year so I already had a relationship with the people, but I know as I continue to come back and build more, it will continue to grow, which will lead to more fruit!

If you want to know more about this trip and see some video logs you can go to

Thanks for everything.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Tattoos.... Good or Bad?

First of all, I'd like to say that I'll strive to exclude my own personal opinion from this blog post and provide you with a faithful interpretation or scripture. When you are making an attempt to understand anything from the bible, you have to always remember that the bible was not written to North American people living in 2012, or anybody in 2012 for that matter. When the biblical authors wrote the books/letters found in the bible, they were writing to a specific group of people that were dealing with specific things. We're definitely encouraged by scripture to glean, learn, and grow through the bible and allow it to cause our relationship with Christ to grow in intimacy by revealing to us how sinful we are and how much we truly need Him. But we can't forget that it was written to a specific people in a culture unlike ours, so we always have to ask, "Why did the author write this?", "Who did the author write this to?", "What were the original readers/hearers dealing with at that time?", and "What was their culture like?", rather than just interpreting the scriptures the way a 20th century westerner would without considering its original context. That's how you get the wrong interpretation of scripture, and misinterpretation always leads to confusion, legalism, moralism, and even heresy.
Example: In scripture, precisely the new testament, Paul, the author of Corinthians writes, "the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says" (1 Corinthians 14:34). Now, if you were to just read that and kindly walk up to a woman and tell her as soon as her feet hits the tiles of the church to be quiet, or if you were to walk up to a church that had a sign that says "Women: No Speaking Past This Point", you would be very confused! But reading that one portion of scripture at face value, that's what you read. That's why you must understand the context of the scripture. Paul was speaking to a specific people in a time where men and women sat on opposites sides of the building. So Husbands sat in the right side and wives sat on the left so if the teacher speaking said something one of the women didn't understand, they would yell across the room to their husbands. Imagine hearing, "MARK! I don't understand what he's saying??!", as you tried to pay attention to the teacher. Also the church in Corinth was a church that struggled with having order(1 Corinthians 14:26-40), which means there was a lot of chaos as far as church order. So women would also exercise their spiritual gifts in a way that was not the way Paul had taught. This is why Paul stated that women should keep silent in the churches, and goes on to say, "wait until you get home to ask your husband". Do you see why it is extremely important to understand the context?
The tattoo issue is very similar. We have to observe where this command comes from, what it was meant for, who it was written to, why it was written, where was it written, etc. I've read around a little and came across a blog that I was going to pick and pull from but since I agreed with everything that was written in it, I thought I'd include the entire blog post instead.
This blog is from
What does the Bible say about tattoos?
Leviticus 19:28 condemned tattoos in ancient Israel. This prohibition was part of the “holiness code,” a large section of Leviticus dedicated to laws that were given to Israel in order to distinguish the people from the nations around them. The Gentiles used tattoos, therefore Israel was not to use them in order to provide a visible demonstration of the fact that Israel was “holy” (that is, set apart as special unto God). It would seem from the context of Leviticus 19:28 that the tattoos that were specifically forbidden were those received as part of a pagan ceremony, though some have taken it as a broad prohibition against all tattoos.
When Christ came, however, he tore down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles (Eph. 2:12). Specifically, this means that the laws that were given in order to separate Israel from the rest of the nations are now counter-productive if applied in the same way that ancient Israel observed them. We must adapt our application of the Law so as to follow its original purpose in light of the changes that Christ brought.
Consider the example of circumcision. This stipulation distinguished Israel from the Canaanites in the Promised Land. But the New Testament clearly tells us that being holy unto God no longer requires us to be circumcised (e.g. Rom. 2; Gal. 2; 5). Circumcision was an outward symbol of dedication unto God. But that outward symbol, dividing people along racial lines, is no longer helpful. The people of God are from every nation, and the symbols of holiness that we now must bear are things like a pure heart (e.g. Rom. 2:28-29, which was also required in the Old Testament) and baptism (which does not have any racial connotations, and has replaced circumcision as the covenant sign; Col. 2:11-12).
Now, this is not to say that everything that appears in the “holiness code” pertains only to such separation – there are other factors at work too, such as moral ones (Israel’s morality was to help distinguish her from other nations). If one is convinced that tattoos are a moral issue, then one ought to abstain from them. Many, however, cannot think of any reason that a tattoo would be a moral issue – certainly the Bible does not state that there are moral failings involved in getting a tattoo no matter what the context. The case would seem to be very similar to the commands that we not round off the edges of our beards or cut the hair on our temples (Lev. 19:27). These are innocent practices in and of themselves. They were wrong in ancient Israel because of their association with pagan practices (such as divination, death rituals, cultic prostitution, etc.; cf. Lev. 19:26-31). If these actions do not have evil associations in our own time, there would seem to be no reason to forbid them."
Like I said, I agree with everything that was written in the blog post above. That's why I saw it fit to include the entire blog post from Reach into mine. Now, I know some people don't share the same views, and we can live with that, but I wrote this because we've had a lot of people ask us questions about the topic. So with that being said, please don't try to push your own personal convictions on open-handed issues in this comment board. We truly love all of you and pray this helped you understand where we're coming from.

Grace and Peace,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Video Logs From Africa

Back From Africa. 4AM. Cant Sleep. Thoughts In My Brain

Well hello everyone I just got back from being in South Africa for 10 days, I know it doesn't seem like a long time but God has a way of making time be a lot longer when it comes to your spirit and emotions when you are doing His work. I say all that to say even though it went by very fast it seems like i was there for a lot longer the way that I grew in relationship with the people that are down there. God never ceases to amaze me. Truth be told i wasn't even supposed to go on this trip. Myself and Wretch actually were booked to perform at SxSW the same week in Dallas. We had taken care of everything and were ready to go. Then about 3 weeks before the plane was set to take off it was brought to my attention that I might need to go to South Africa or no one on the team would be able to go. Long story short I ended up canceling SxSW talked to Wretch, he completely understood of course. So from there I started getting everything in order for South Africa little did i know that this was all ordained by God and He had such a huge purpose for me to be going on this trip not just for the 10 days that i would be there but also setting up things for the future! Now i will say this I have been on plenty of missions trip in my time even though I am still some what young, but there was something about this one that seemed so different. The second i started to make arrangements for this trip God started breaking me in ways that i haven't felt in a long time and I hadn't even left the country yet. Showing me things in my spirit that i couldn't really see in my mind yet, but my spirit could(If that makes any sense to you) In a nutshell i knew He was going to do something amazing not only in our team but also in my life personally. I was very excited to grow in maturity spiritually & physically, I was excited to grow as a man and also in my culture. I was just ready for God to bring an atomic bomb(a good one) into my soul. So the day finally came and we hopped on a 15 hour plane ride to Dubai, which didn't seem like 15 hours for some reason. A day lay over, then in the morning we woke up and were on our way to the "Homeland". After leaving Dubai, Hank almost getting arrested for things that I'll write about later and 9 hours of sitting on an airplane we were landing in South Africa. The second I stepped off the plane I knew that I was going to be in for something awesome. We all made it through customs with no problem, got our bags and met up with Fola (our contact and the man of God that would be heading up our missions for the time we would be there). Now we stepped outside and the first thing i saw were mountains, mountains all over the place as if we were in the middle of a circle. They were gorgeous. Africa is a breathtaking place and thats just the scenery, the people are another story, so loving. Even the person that looks the least loving will give you a smile and a "Hoe goan dit?" (Which means "How goes it?" or "How are you doing?") Moving on to the base were we stayed with tons of people from other nations it was so eye opening to be talking with brothers and sisters in the faith that maybe you could barely understand because of the language barrier yet knowing you are in the family of faith together was so awesome. Lets you know that the world is bigger than Humble, Texas 77339. Shows you how big our God really is and how big His plan is, and something a lot of people don't like to hear but how small we really are. We were driving through Capetown on the side of one of the mountains and as i turned around and saw how HUGE that mountain is, that is one of those moments that I said "God is so big, and I am so small".

From there we had a very long and exciting week ahead of us. First thing we did was went to the mall and the first thing that happened was i meet this guy who worked at the music store in the mall who happened to be a rapper as well(and he is very good i might add). So i sold him a CD and we spit a few verses back and forth and traded information. From there the rest of the week we did so much stuff. We never stopped everyday up at 6am until we went to bed at 11pm, Sometimes later. We went to at least 1 to 2 schools a day(Kindergarten all the way to High schools), a church, a school to talk to the staff, an orphanage, a hospital, a rehab facility, and a township (which is basically a run down community). We were at the township just about everyday and that is the place were pieces of my heart got ripped out of my chest O so softly.
You will be able to hear about all this stuff in more detail on my video logs they are at

Also we also had the opportunity to perform at pretty much every school we went to we rocked the stage. We probably performed about 6 or 7 times. They love Rap music over there so much. I'm excited for what the future holds with that. That's one of the things that God layed out for the future. So exciting!
So now i find myself back in America and i cant lie to you. Its a very bitter sweet feeling. I really do miss the ZA. I long to be back over there, but I also long to be over here. I know God has huge things in store for over here and I am so pumped about the future that we are going to be building we Fola. God truly amazes me, I am so glad His ways are above my ways, and His thoughts above my thoughts. I'm so glad He said "Archie, your not going to SxSW, You're going to South Africa" He truly knows me better than i know myself, because no concert or show can compare to the work that God did in me while i was over there, and no concert or show can compare to the future work we will be doing over there that was set up this trip. I have a fire in me that i pray never quenches but spreads to everyone i come in contact with. I thank God for introducing me to a new home in South Africa, and I am so excited to see the amazing things He is going to do! He's working so many things out and His plans are so great. Generation Ministries buckle your seat belts because God has even more things in store that we can imagine.
Thank you to everyone who made this possible and no that nothing you gave whether it was prays or money was given in vain! You have been apart of something HUGE that didnt stop when we stepped back on american soil! The Future is bright and GOD IS GOOD!

I will be posting more blogs about stuff, this was just a cant sleep, let me tell you whats on my heart blog

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bringin The Noise In!

NOISE! This is the statement that i hear a lot when showing people the type of music that i do. Not necessarily because of the gift or the skill level, but just because of the type of music that it is “Bringin The Noise In” means a ton because when you are a person that is doing rap for Jesus you feel a lot of hatred from outside of the church and also believe it or not inside of the church. From the inside of the church they say stuff like “Why are you doing that rap thing its not of Jesus”, “Why are you trying to be like the world?”, “That isn't being played from behind an acoustic guitar or an organ so there is no way that can be of Jesus.” “That has to be Noise.” And from the outside of the church you hear people hating, hating, hating. Saying that they don't want to hear it at all because of the simple fact that it is talking about Jesus. Saying “You're just trying to be like what we make.” Saying "Get that Noise out of here.” So if they say that all we bring is noise then what i'm saying is we are going to “Bring The Noise In.” David in the book of Psalms said make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Not one that consist of a guitar or an organ. Just one that consist of a pure heart of worship. So thats one message that I seek to show through this album. That its the heart behind the music not necessarily the music itself. In a world of so many legalistic mindsets that shun everything if it sounds different than what they are used to hearing. Im trying to tear walls down within the church that have been up for so long that have to do with styles of music. Trying to point at the bible and say look at how Jesus has called us to live as believers. Trying to show believers how we are really called to treat people that dont really believe what we do (Love them like Jesus did). Trying to show a true picture of Jesus not based on my words or lyrics, but based on scripture. So on November 30th, 2010 Archie will be releasing his first album called "Bringin The Noise In" This is definetly not your typical rap album with so many different styles and genres my goal is to break down so many barriers in the church that have been set up based on music. So Enjoy the ride!